• This class of scanners constitutes a very large group. ScanScience offers approximately 60 kits for these scanners, in a
    variety of formats. The best way to see the kits made for these scanners is to view the catalog.
  • The film plane for these kits is 0.5 mm unless otherwise specified.
  • Many photo artists  and archivists own these fine scanners and some have special requirements and formats.
  • Write us an email describing your needs, we customize and will me able to meet your requirements in most cases.
  • The adapters for these scanners are similar in design to those we make for the Epson V750 /700 scanners.
  • Adapters for the Epson 4990 and 4870 are upgradable to the Epson V750/850/800.
  • If you are looking for fluid scanning with any of these scanners click on Tab 4 of the Catalog.
  • eBook Total Scanning optional for $14.00
    EPSON 4870 /4990
    & EPSON XL Scanners Manual Focus
    Epson 10000 XL Autofocus
    CANON 9950
    Microtek Microtek Scanners except Film /Flatbed Dual, l9700. 9800, 1000XL
    Creo, Fuji, Cezanne, Agfa
CREO Scanners
There are many models of the Creo ,they I all have Auto-focus. Creo software is available
that enables the scanner to focus manually, and that computes the glass thickness and air
space. Some models of the Creo are exceptional in that they are in effect film scanners in
camouflage, with a flatbed glass as a convenience. By locating the sensors on the lid and the
illumination under the glass, these scanners avoid refracting the image since the glass bed is
on the side of the illuminant, and the light from the image goes straight to the sensors without
being refracted by glass.
Because of the auto-focus capability, the film can be placed straight on the flatbed, and fluid
scanned is absolutely necessary on the flatbed. However use of the flatbed glass in this
manner is not recommended because it exposes the glass to wear and scratches.
ScanScience makes adapters which avoid using the glass bed. Also by placing the film 1 mm  
above the flatbed, the focus is on the film (at 1 mm) and any scratches on the glass (at 0
mm) are out of focus.  The ScanScience Creo adapters also cover the entire area of the
flatbed and block any light not directed at the film.
When ordering kits for the Creo you can order all the custom features you need, ask for
         Standard             8x10                                                  Pro  8x10                             11x14  
Standard squeegees are supplied with kits. To upgrade to  Pro squeegees with rubber blades, see Price list
FLAT BED SCANNERS 1 - ScanScience Kits for my Epson /Canon /Umax/& Other  Scanners
INCLUDED AND OPTIONAL COMPONENTS for the ScanScience Kits for Other Flatbed Scanners
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Fluid Scanning Technology