Guest Artist
We are pleased to introduce our visitors to the magnificent landscapes  of the renowned artist of the Landscape,
The images shown here are all from 4x5 film, scanned on his Tango drum
scanner using ScanScience's
Lumina Scanning Fluid and Ultrans

As the young Cramer  realized the similarities between interpreting music
and interpreting a negative, he soon became enamored with making prints.
Thirty years later, Charles Cramer is recognized as a master printmaker in
both darkroom-based dye transfer printing, and now in digital printmaking.

Charles Cramer was selected by the National Park Service to be an
artist-in-residence in Yosemite in 1987 and again in 2009.  He teaches
digital printing for the Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops, John Sexton
Workshops, and others.  He also sells prints through many fine galleries,
and in 2010 had a solo exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art in
After spending seven years of college studying classical piano, Charles Cramer visited
Yosemite National Park, and soon realized he wanted out of those tiny practice rooms and
practice his art in nature's grander theater.   

Charles Cramer is also an accomplished pianist who might with equal competence fill a
concert hall if he wished, or an art gallery.  Were it not because his photographs are so superb,
I could not help wishing to see Mr. Cramer back in the concert hall, as I listened to his masterful

Ansel Adams whom he admires was also a trained concert pianist.  I never heard Ansel play
but Charles Cramer virtuosity on the piano is nothing short of incredible given that he lives
another life as a virtuoso photographer.

Ansel would have been both envious and delighted in the knowledge another like mind lives his
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